Staying Alive

Staying Alive is designed to facilitate awareness of deeply held false beliefs that are experienced in our bodies and through our thoughts.  These experiences are often identified as some type of vague feeling, fear, anxiety, and/or repetitive thoughts, contributing to our dissatisfaction with how we are living.

Once we become aware of how we have been co-creating our dissatisfaction and living, often unconsciously from these false beliefs we can then begin identifying ourselves as the source of our pain. As we begin to take responsibility for our part in how we have been being, we begin learning new skills and practices, where we can transform these old limiting beliefs, often providing us with more satisfaction in our lives.

During the Staying Alive you will be invited on a journey of self exploration where you will be using a variety of approaches such as, communication, breath, body work, dialogue and self inquiry, providing you with creative ways to expand awareness of yourself, others and life.

Leslie is on core faculty at the Haven Institute and has been assisting and leading Come Alive there since 1999.  She is deeply interested in relationships and how to be relational in her own life as well as in the lives of her clients.

She leads with caring and compassion and encourages this for others.

What others are saying about Staying Alive.

"I have had the pleasure of working with Leslie on an individual basis, and within several "Staying Alive" group sessions. The Staying Alive sessions have kept me present in my learning and in my journey and the content was always practical in each of the sessions I attended. I've always felt safe and accepted in those sessions, and I appreciate Leslie for her compassion and her willingness to witness and guide me in my learning. The tools I learned from Leslie in the Staying Alive sessions continue to be applied both personally and professionally. Idelle

My experience of the "Staying Alive" has been one of continued self growth, in a safe, facilitated atmosphere. I would recommend this group to anyone who is looking to stay connected with the Haven values of communication.  Leslie and Wally do an amazing job of facilitating the "Staying Alive" group in Nanaimo. Patti

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