Leslie is compassionate, understanding and non-judgemental with her guidance and support. We felt safe with her and each other in exploring our most personal issues. J.C.

My experience with Leslie was both nourishing and insightful. I had a sense of being cared for, heard and understood. In working with Leslie, I was aware of the gentle yet direct manner in which she facilitated my awareness and opening. Her approach is both skilled and personal. S.M.

After going through years of therapy, I found one Acupressure treatment with Leslie to be very impacting in releasing suppressed emotions. It was a riveting experience and I highly recommend it. C.M.

I have personally experienced Leslie Whyte's considerable Acupressure skills with gratitude for the results. I particularly appreciate her holistic approach and her sensitive, assured way of working intuitively. L.N.

I have worked with Leslie individually and in the "Stay Alive" group. I feel very comfortable and safe with her. I know whatever I share with Leslie will be held in confidence and will also be accepted in a caring, compassionate manner. Leslie has helped me move forward in my life and I highly recommend her. T.O.